hertzer GmbH specialises in the planning and production of theatrical constructions. We combine a high level of creativity with a solid bedrock of technical and engineering knowledge and are able to translate your artistic ideas into a fully realised and functional creation.


In the previous two decades we have collected a wealth of experience which could help to turn your visions into reality. Whatever the nature of your envisaged theatrical space or construction, we are very happy to be involved at the concept stage and provide creative support in the development of the practical details. We can prepare samples, build models and mock ups, make calculations for the structural engineering, do the financial estimates, check the time plan and find solutions for any problems which become apparent.


In our experience, simplicity is the best basis for reliability and we regard the design and development process, culminating in the working drawings, as being the search for the simplest possible solution to the problem. In this way we are able to build constructions which fulfill their intended function reliably yet fit within the given physical and financial constraints.


In any artistically and technically significant project the efficient programming of the different work elements is essential to a successful outcome. Centred on our own workshops, we coordinate the flow of information, materials and work from our subcontractors to ensure the smooth flow of the construction process through to the agreed delivery date.


We are a certified metal construction company and weld steel structures in the EXC2 design class according to EN 1090-2 and aluminium structures in the EXC1 design class according to EN 1090-3. Please use our contact form or write to the e-mail address below.