hertzer GmbH
Buchholzer Straße 63 D
13156 Berlin-Pankow
Telephone +49 30/ 92 79 66 0
Telefax +49 30/ 92 79 66 11
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Roderich Scheller Dip. eng. FH
Bernhard Wedow Graphic designer


Ilka Becher Bachelor of Engineering | Project Management
Timo Schubert | Project Management
Bernd Frizenschaf Architect | Project Management, Technical Draughtsman
Arne Gadau Dip. eng. FH | Technical Draughtsman
Boris Hertzer | Dip. eng. FH
Kathleen Krüger | Teamassistant
Stefan Tkotz Dip. eng. FH | Technical Draughtsman
Silke Veit Dip. Business Studies | Finance Management


Raik Ehrlich Joiner | Woodwork
Dirk Freiwald Joiner | Woodwork
Florian Gamm Technician | Metalwork
Frank Grahlow Master joiner | Workshop management
Falk Neudahm Maintenance engineer | Woodwork
Hartmut Reimer Technician | Metalwork
Stephan Schneider Joiner | Woodwork
Werner Vossmann | Quality Management



Due to the wide variety of our projects it is often necessary to extend our core team with the help of freelance craftsmen, specialists in the fields of metalwork, woodwork, painting and finishing, or just all-round talents in the field of construction.

In our workshops we also train apprentices as Holzmechaniker or Konstruktionsmechaniker. At present there are no places available.

We are also prepared to offer a praktikum for students, subject to a minimum period of 4 weeks.

If you are interested in employment with hertzer GmbH, please mail your CV to: bewerbung (at)







Buchholzer Straße 62 – 65
13156 Berlin
Telefon: +4930 92 79 66 0
Telefax: +4930 92 79 66 11
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Company Officers
Roderich Scheller, Bernhard Wedow

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Registration Number: HRB 73300
Value Added Tax Registration Number under § 27 a Umsatzsteuergesetz: DE205153939

hertzer GmbH

hertzer GmbH

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